Dermabrasion - The purpose of this procedure is to obtain nicer looking skin, smoothing of any irregularities (postoperative scards, scars from acne, wrinkles), removal of tattoos, and discolorations. This procedure can be performed on the face or other body areas affected by such changes (shoulders, back).

Procedure: Diamond burrs are used to mechanically abrade the surface of the skin to a depth depending on the type of irregularity to be corrected. Good cosmetic effects are seen in 2-3weeks after the procedure.


Very rare.
s1st and 2nd postoperative day - elastic bandages are used to help straighten the wrist naturally
2nd and 3rd postoperative day - gentle, functional motion
Stitches are removed approximately after 10 days. Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are mostly relieved by 4-6 weeks.


In the case of deep scars, dermabrasion may be preceded by a chemical peel, which is a way to slough off the surface of the skin using chemical preparations (usually acids).